Mailing Lists

List name Post address Description
XEmacs-Announce Read-only, low volume list for announcements concerning the XEmacs project and new releases of the XEmacs software.
XEmacs-Beta Open list for bug reports about beta versions of XEmacs and for general discussion about the project
XEmacs-buildreports Open list for submission of build-reports on beta versions of XEmacs.
XEmacs-commits Read-only list for details on changes made to the XEmacs source code.
XEmacs-Mule Has been merged into xemacs-beta, which is not restricted to English, postings in all languages are welcome.
XEmacs-NT Has been merged into xemacs-beta, as the Windows support is now a standard part of XEmacs.
XEmacs-Patches Open, moderated list for submission of patches to the XEmacs distribution and its packages.